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Kaos Kollective

Performance / Trip The Light

Kaos Kollective

Kaos Kollective is a group of artists based in Plymouth who have previously collaborated together on large scale community and professional performances regionally.  Working together last year on ‘Lighten Up’ (illuminate 2017) has inspired us to join forces to create our new performance ‘Trip the Light.’ This year we performed to over 1000 people over 4 nights at the Royal William Yard and we will be developing this work further over the next 2 years.

 Kaos Kollective:

Jules Laville: Dance Artist and Choreographer

Andrew Sargeant: Digital Artist and Programmer

Sarah Farrow-Jones: Dance Artist and Director of Far Flung Dance Theatre C.I.C

Clair Beckett: Dance Artist and Director of Far Flung Dance Theatre C.I.C

Gemma Smith: Dance Artist, Producer- Outreach and Coordination

Daisy Higman: Musician and Theatre Maker

Ed Larkin: Performer

Kane John Mills: Performer

Click here to see a clip from our Kaos Kollective R&D 2018

Kaos Kollective Kaos Kollective Kaos Kollective

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